nedeľa 25. decembra 2011

Merry X-mas

I hope you all have a wonderful hollidays!

nedeľa 13. novembra 2011

2 ♥

...years together ♥ 

utorok 1. novembra 2011

Visit: Cafe Hawelka in Vienna

After long time I am posting something else than a wedding :-). For my birthday in October, I took a day trip to Vienna with my friend Petra. We are lucky to be living so close, a train ride is just an hour. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a stroll through Vienna. We planned to see several things, but one thing we wanted for sure was a coffee break in the famous Cafe Hawelka. 
Cafe Hawelka was opened by Leopold Hawelka in 1939 and operated together with his wife Josefine. It became a popular spot for writers and artists, and it still has its unique atmosphere. Josefine died in 2005 after working in the cafe for 66 years with her husband. Mr. Leopold Hawelka can still (sometimes) be spotted there greeting his guests (we didn't see him unfortunately).
We made Cafe Hawelka our last stop before catching the train back home and enjoyed every minute of it. Actually we were lucky to find a free table, it is always full (it is so popular and unique it became a tourist spot).  Feels like you step back in time, the waiters (I think its only men) were dressed like from old time movies and behaving the same :-). If you get a chance, have a coffee and home made strudel or something else there and feel the history. I am planning another trip to Vienna during Christmas time, and I will definitely have my coffee there. 
The Cafe is hidden in a side street in the inner city at the address Dorotheergasse 6. Here is their website.

utorok 25. októbra 2011

Nora: By the pool

Here are few more picures from Nora´s big day. We have decided to head ouside at least for some pictures, even if it was really ridiculously hot. Nora and Gabor are both trainers for synchronized swimming, so the pool (any kind of pool) is actually a large part of their life. My favourite is the first picture, looks like an impression from a nostalgic movie to me.

utorok 18. októbra 2011


This is going to be hard. Nora is one of the most beautiful women I know and I am having hard time to decide which photos to show. She looks stunning at all of them, so I will probably do more than one post to show you images from her wedding day.
It was crazy hot that day so we decided to stay in the friend´s house for most of the shooting time. Our friend  has a beautiful fireplace with a huge piece of stone around it, so I did several photos in front of that stone. I think the background of the stone worked pretty well. Nora is glowing in her wedding dress, I think she is a natural born model. Her husband is a lucky guy :-).
Enjoy and there will be more to come...

utorok 27. septembra 2011

Old town wedding

Just a few more images from the summer wedding with the  "Audrey bride". It was  organized, decorated and supervised by a wedding agency in Bratislava, Wedday. You can also check their blog here or find them on facebook here. Enjoy.


pondelok 19. septembra 2011

Beauty saloon time

 One of my favourite part of the wedding day is the "beauty saloon" time.  It is like going out with girls to get pampered (not that I do it with my girlfriends, but this is how I imagine doing it). We go to the beauty saloon, they make us coffee, the bride sits in the chair and gets her make up and hair done, I shoot, we chat with the hair dresser and make -up artist, laugh. It is morning and it always seems we have plenty of time, everybody is relaxed, smiling ...The bride changes from girl next door to a beautiful woman and you can see all the expectations in her eyes. I do not feel the pressure to capture the exact moment, it is more about capture the beauty and the mood. I can´t miss a kiss or exchanging the rings. It´s last two or three hours on that day without stress and pressure for both of us. I truly cherrish those moments on the wedding day...