nedeľa 26. decembra 2010

nedeľa 12. decembra 2010

Winter morning

I wish my everyday morning view looks like this... or facing the ocean....

More about our weekend in the mountains next time...

štvrtok 2. decembra 2010

DIY heartshaped collage

I found it on some blog, but originally it is from Warren Heeath photography via here

So this is an image that striked me long time ago. So when me and my boyfriend had a 1 year anniversary, I decided to make something similar from our photo memories of that year. I wish we also have such a white bedroom to hang it there....

I started with developing all the nice pictures of us, because as most of you, I store mine mostly in computer... Sorry for the quality, but it was late evening when I took them...

I cut out a heart shape from 2 theatre posters attached together. Then I arrange the photos on it, and started to stick them on the paper one by one. It took over me one hour...

And here is the final result. Still do not have the right spot for it. If I find it, I will show you a picture... Have a great white weekend!

nedeľa 28. novembra 2010

The big surprise!

So the surprise behind my hand-made ribbon is out!
It was truly one of the most amazing moments I witnessed in my life.
It was my dad´s life-long dream, but I knew he would probably never make it true for himself. He was browsing the sites, has few models of mini and some publications at home, but not the real thing... So I planned it for a couple of years, that I will do it on his 60-th birthday.
To make it a really big surprise, I took him shopping for the party we planned for that afternoon, and meanwhile my boyfriend drove the new car inside our garage. When we returned, my dad used a remote control to open the garage. From the very moment I saw the car I was watching my dad, he noticed it few seconds later. There were tears in his eyes ... I said happy 60-th birthday. He was speachless, very much in shock. But a good one. His dream has come true. He was really smiling after a long time. And I was so happy to see him in such a good shock, holding and shaking his head as he couldn´t believe it. It is really hard to find words to describe it, but I was so happy I did it, I loved that feeling!

Later we both cried, because there was someone special missing to enjoy that moment with us, so it was just almost perfect. But I hope mom is looking from above...
Thanks to my boyfriend and friends, who I was annoying for a couple of weeks to help me decide to pick up the perfect one from all the minis we saw. By the way, notice the licence plate number. Costumized!

piatok 26. novembra 2010

DIY ribbon bow

It´s my dad´s 60th birthday, and I got him a big surprise. To make it look even better, I needed a huge ribbon bow. I couldn´t find any that met my expectations, so I decided to do one myself. I bought 10 meter long ribbon and started.

I turn to internet to find a way how to do it. And I found one I thought would be perfect for my purpose. Here is how I did it, and all I needed was scissors.
I took like 6 meters of ribbon, folded it in half and then I continued folding it from one side, ended up with this:

Then I needed to cut the edges....I was very unhappy to destroy such a nice ribbon, but was hoping it will bring me the desired final product.

Then I tied the folded ribbon with a small piece of ribbon I cut in half, and prepared it before.

The last think was to adjust the folded parts.

And, the final touch, I attached it to the rest of the ribbon simply by tying the knot.

And one of my first DIY projects is complete. Easy.
To see it attached on my surprice gift, please come back soon!
have a great weekend!

pondelok 22. novembra 2010


I know the season for these is over, but it is such a big part of my fall, that I have to make a post about them. We have a huge chestnut tree next to our house, actually is like a half tree, because it´s next to the wall so it is growing on one side only. Every single year it produces a pretty big ammount of chestnuts, which we are not able to consume ourselves. So we distribute them to our friends and family, but still eat baked chestnuts almost every night. I cut them and put in the cold water for some time. them I preheat oven for 180 ° C and let it bake for 40 minutes. Then we just peel them and eat them :-). My mom used to make a chestnut purée, but it it so much work I gave up for now. Maybe when I become more skillful cook...

sobota 20. novembra 2010


Even a simple shelf with old souvenirs can become a fantasy land when you look at it from a different perspective. Use your imagination this weekend and have fun!

nedeľa 14. novembra 2010

Red fall - Halloween weekend part II.

Look at all thore red hues I found in one small garden! Isn' t mother nature an amazing painter?

sobota 13. novembra 2010

1 year

Happy anniversary, my love!

utorok 9. novembra 2010

Wedding - black & white edition

Let´s break these colourful fall posts with some B & W pictures from the last wedding I shot in late October.
To be honest, this couple was a hard work :-). They didn´t like to pose at all, but somehow I happened to make the most pictures of the year on them.
I think this was because the most happiest and most exited bride I have ever work with. She was jumping and sreaming from joy how she couldn´t wait for the ceremony! She was all smiles and jiggles. I know, you may think every bride is a happy bride. But I am telling you, you didn´t meet Vlada when you think this.
These are just a few snapshots from that day.

(click on pictures to enlarge)

The ceremony was held outside in the reading garden and the tourists were looking at us from the bridge above. To keep the guests warm they served tea, muffins and cookies. Vlada couldn´t help herself but to show the victory sign after saying I do :-).

And afterwards, everybody was invited to one great dinner & dance party. As the first dance they performed a choreography from Pulp fiction. When all the people got on the dance floor after that, it actually brought me to tears. It was so much joy and happiness there... It was definitely one of the best wedding parties I have been to, with a great DJ and dancing all night long - exactly as the newlyweds planned it!

nedeľa 7. novembra 2010

Halloween weekend

So here are the promised pictures from the halloween weekend, which I spent with my boyfriend at his countryhouse. The weather was amazing! Be ready also for part II.