nedeľa 27. februára 2011

Midnight walk

This is my town at midnight ... no people, very quiet, just the falling snow... I love it in moments like these. Let´s take a little winter night walk around the Main square with me ...

piatok 25. februára 2011

Winter bride

Here are few black and whites of the lovely bride, plus some colors too. As I mentioned, unfortunately we didn´t shoot outside very long, so there is not much of the snow on my "winter bride" pictures :-). Anyway, I am pretty happy with my pigeon shot. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Have a great weekend!

utorok 22. februára 2011

Preview: Winter bride

This was first time I shot a wedding when there was actually snow. Too bad the bride is expecting a baby and we couldn' t spent too long outside was freezing cold and the last thing we needed was a sick mom-to-be.

streda 16. februára 2011

Farm details

Shame on me! I have not post anything for more then two weeks. And I took soo many photos recently. I don' t have time even to look at those new pictures. So meanwhile, here are few last shots from the farm...