utorok 27. septembra 2011

Old town wedding

Just a few more images from the summer wedding with the  "Audrey bride". It was  organized, decorated and supervised by a wedding agency in Bratislava, Wedday. You can also check their blog here or find them on facebook here. Enjoy.


pondelok 19. septembra 2011

Beauty saloon time

 One of my favourite part of the wedding day is the "beauty saloon" time.  It is like going out with girls to get pampered (not that I do it with my girlfriends, but this is how I imagine doing it). We go to the beauty saloon, they make us coffee, the bride sits in the chair and gets her make up and hair done, I shoot, we chat with the hair dresser and make -up artist, laugh. It is morning and it always seems we have plenty of time, everybody is relaxed, smiling ...The bride changes from girl next door to a beautiful woman and you can see all the expectations in her eyes. I do not feel the pressure to capture the exact moment, it is more about capture the beauty and the mood. I can´t miss a kiss or exchanging the rings. It´s last two or three hours on that day without stress and pressure for both of us. I truly cherrish those moments on the wedding day...


pondelok 12. septembra 2011

Preview: "Audrey" bride

Shame on me! It´s September and I haven´t post any of my summer weddings or summer adventures! Well, at least I enjoyed August without computer! So, to make it up to you, I start by posting some pics of this lovely bride and her wedding in the Old town, which actually happened at this exact place.