piatok 22. októbra 2010

1010 Project

Picture from 1010 Project website by kris atomic (here is her blog)

My dears, I am crazy busy again next few days so I already know I will not be able to post anything for another week probably. I have a wedding to shoot tomorrow, and still have to finish some more projects AND finally clean the house (I am ashamed what a mess my place is).
Sunday morning my boy and I were supposed to go to High Tatras, but he just called me his boss canceled his hollidays. Oh well, maybe next time...
Anyway, I just came across a link to a very nice project, so at least I am going to share that with you.
It is called 1010 project and I found it via one of my fauvorite blogs , Cup of Jo. 10 photographers from 10 countries took 10 photographs on 10/10/10. Here is the link.
Enjoy and have a great weekend!

pondelok 18. októbra 2010

Dream factory workshops

Today I will take you back to the dream factory. We call it properly scene and prop workshops, but dream factory works better for me.
What an inspirational place! Except of the halls stuffed with great furniture, the main part are the workshops, where everything is being made from the scratch. Any kind of furniture, prop or costume. Even fake heaven.

I love the enourmous spaces, where they create anything you can think of. It can be so much fun work there, just to paint, carve, cut, build...
As it needs no more words, I just leave you here to enjoy the pictures...

utorok 5. októbra 2010

Dream factory

Last week, thanks to one director, I finally visited the dream land of our theatre - factory, where all the set designs and costumes are being made.
These workshops also have big storage halls for old furniture from plays, which are not on the repertoire anymore. I would definitely furnish a new home from it. It is a pity that they do not treat it with love and many of these pieces are in a bad condition.But this place is still a dream for every scavenger/garage sale lover. Here are some pictures of the treasures kept in the big storage halls.

View from above

Here are some more pictures from the wedding of a snowwhite bride. There is something about the peace and beauty of an empty church.

As we were two photographers, I stayed through the whole ceremony at the choir gallery. And I really enjoyed this view from above!