štvrtok 24. marca 2011


These beauties grew up in my vase recently. The ones on trees outside are still to come...

streda 23. marca 2011

Foggy days

I went skiing last weekend. Probably for the last time this winter. Weather wasn´t very nice for skiing, it was too foggy and windy. But looking at the forests around, it had it´s beauty. Hopefully, it was the last strike of winter...
Good bye wintertime, welcome summertime. Do not forget that the time is changing on Saturday!

štvrtok 17. marca 2011

Lovely place

I already mention this great wedding agency in this post. Few days ago I had the pleasure to visit the girls in their more than beautiful office and take some pictures. Don´t you just want to get married (or get re-married) so you can go to LOVELY DAY office and ask them for help with your big day? They couldn´t pick more beautiful place to meet their clients than this one. If you want to experience the great service by yourself, you can contact them here. Enjoy!

nedeľa 13. marca 2011


Yes, I think this weekend spring has finally arrived. We spend a day in the garden, trying to trim the forgotten peach and cherry tree. They are the only fruit trees in our garden and we didn´t take proper care of them for a few years now, so they stopped giving the fruits. I am so exited to see if this trimming is going to help! I actually had fun climbing the tree and cutting the wood. I felt like I am giving them new haircut and they have to feel as great as girls do after that. The rest of our trees started to show the buds. I put some in the vase last weekend, and those already have green leaves!

nedeľa 6. marca 2011

Chopok mountain

As I promised, here are some more photos from my weekend in the mountains.

When the day starts with a sunrise like this, the whole day is perfect. You just take a ski lift up to the top of Chopok mountain and the rest is just observing all the beauty around. If you are up there, visit the famous cozy Stone cabin (Kamienka). Everything just tastes better there. People are nice, drinks are strong and food is ...oh, so yummy. Gotta go back soon.

I also experienced a beautiful sunset there the day before, but without my big camera ... such a shame.

utorok 1. marca 2011

Dawn in the mountains

The beauty of nature is sometimes killing me ... Can someone please give me a job where I can stay out all the time instead of sitting in an office? Check back here for more beauty of a small piece of slovak land soon ...