streda 30. júna 2010

Garden graduation party

Last Saturday, I attended one of the most amazing parties in my entire life. My friend just graduated from law school, and he organized a celebration in his parents´ garden.

We were brought there by a private bus right after the ceremony.

He and his dad built a tent, tables and benches. They worked on it for a month in their free time.

They cooked goulasch, made potato pancakes and bought a huge roasted pig.

For dessert, we had a chocolate fountain, where we dipped fresh cherries, strawberries, bananas and grapes.

We played darts, danced and laughed.

His vital grandmother made me cry right at the beginning, when she had a speech about her grandson. You could feel the love in this family in the air, and that is what made this party so special.

All the invited friends were such a nice people, that I was overhelmed with joy for the next two days. The party lasted the whole day and night. And it felt so nice, I could go on next day :-) !

Thank you Matej for such an amazing, great event!

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piatok 25. júna 2010

Photocopy project

Yes, I admit it, summer time in theatre is boring like hell! It came so far that I tried something I was curious about for a long time. Photocopied myself (and my colleague)! I was surprised it came out so nice. It can be a pretty interesting project, so if you have time during the summer, stop by in the theatre and I photocopy you. In the fall, it can be a nice exhibition called "Photocopied friends". Have you ever tried it?

Balcony renovation

My dad has recently decided to renovate our balconies a little. He is planning to replace the old tiles with (most probably) grey (sunburned) wood.

We have two balconies. the large one has grey tiles:

I had to remove my collection of shells and driftwood, which I carried all the way from Canada:

I love driftwood!

This is our smaller balcony. It might get new flooring as well:

Only when I was documenting it, I realized how much I like these old tiles!

They are pretty (and old and dirty), aren´t they?

So the renovation started and this is how it looked the next morning:

And today...

The smaller balcony remained untouched so far. I am curious how long will it take untill another stage of renovation. I am afraid this is how it´s going to be for the rest of the summer!

Have a nice weekend!

pondelok 21. júna 2010

Sonisphere in words

So, I got some sleep and now I am ready to share my Sonisphere experience. First of all - what is Sonisphere? It is a festival event where "The big four" meets on one stage. Big four includes Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica. As far as I understood this was for the first time in history and it was the greatest day for all keen metalists.

Compared to other music festivals, the first thing that stroke me was a lot of black. I think 90% of the audience was dressed in black (thank God it wasn´t hot that day), jeans, metal T-shirts, heavy boots and - long hair.
On our way there I met a girl with the longest hair I have ever seen:

Apropo the road. Few kilometers before the spot - abandoned airport in Milovice - the road narrowed and we got stuck there for almost 2 hours, moving in a pace of a snail - very, very bad organisation of traffic (this is just the note to organizers).

The surroundings looked like a ghost town - block of flats, school, shops - but destroyed and with no sign of life anywhere.

When we finally arrived, I wondered by myself with a camera, while guys were enjoying Megadeth. I was a little bit scared sometimes, not everyone wants his picture taken, especially when you as a photographer are attracted to the most bizzare people. Some, on the other hand, were jumping in front of my lenses, striking poses and smiling into the camera. And the rest didn´t pay attention, because they were in some kind of delirium (from the music, or from the alcohol).

There was a complete amusement park in the place including autodrome, which, whith the combination with heavy metal people was a very interesting combination.
The inflatable guitar was one of the favourite must -haves. Lot of guys got crazy performing the moves together with their heroes on the podium. Number one must -have was of course a T-shirt with your fauvorite band. Black, of course.

Many people didn´t make it to the final performance - they fell asleep everywhere around refreshment stands or right in the "auditorium". Many people didn´t make it to the toilets - this was much worse then fall asleep - I saw a guy pissing right in front of him, almost on other people´s legs. Yak!

Well, we survived till the end and decided to spend a night in a tent. Wisely, as we learned later, because other got stuck again in the traffic from airport for over 2 hours. At that time we were already in our sleeping bags, trying not to hear the happy metal fans celebrating this one of a kind event :-) .

More pictures to come later...

nedeľa 20. júna 2010

Sonisphere festival - Part 1

I just came back from Sonisphere Festival in Milovice airport. I am too tired to write, so here are some pictures to give you an idea, how was it. I write more later. Have a nice rest of Sunday!

štvrtok 17. júna 2010

Music weekend

This weekend, I am joining my boyfriend and his friends for a music festival full of metal music :-) . I am not a metal fan, but after some thinking, I figured I would probably never go to a festival like this if he wasn´t going, so I have decided to go. I am looking forward to see Metallica and Alice in Chains, which I was listening to in my teenage years. There will be also Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax and of course many more bands, see the whole line up here.
The stage is supposed to be the biggest in Europe and I guess I will see a lot of interesting outfits and people there, so I am actually pretty excited to go. Plus, it is a long way from home, so it´s a little roadtrip too.

I will try to sneak in my camera just to capture the atmosphere, so you will probably see some of it here later.

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