štvrtok 17. júna 2010

Music weekend

This weekend, I am joining my boyfriend and his friends for a music festival full of metal music :-) . I am not a metal fan, but after some thinking, I figured I would probably never go to a festival like this if he wasn´t going, so I have decided to go. I am looking forward to see Metallica and Alice in Chains, which I was listening to in my teenage years. There will be also Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax and of course many more bands, see the whole line up here.
The stage is supposed to be the biggest in Europe and I guess I will see a lot of interesting outfits and people there, so I am actually pretty excited to go. Plus, it is a long way from home, so it´s a little roadtrip too.

I will try to sneak in my camera just to capture the atmosphere, so you will probably see some of it here later.

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