piatok 6. mája 2011

Mother and daugher

My dears, I think it is time to stop melting over the  pictures of spring and nature beauty for a while here on my blog. Let' s enjoy the human beauty for a change!
I was honored to photograph this doll and her mom (also dad, dog and fish, but they are not in this post). How cute is little Sandra? For a mother it must be like her most beautiful doll from childhood become alive! And how perfect is the bond between mother and daughter? Nothing can beat that! It is Mother' s Day this Sunday, so do not forget to show them your love while you can  and do something special to make her feel your bond. I would kiss her and squeeze her an hug her again and again ...but I am not that lucky unfortunately. So all the daughters and mothers out there, don' t take each other for granted and appreciate every single moment - and not just this Sunday.
Have a great weekend!
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