pondelok 16. mája 2011

Young bride

My friends, how was your weekend? I spent mine shooting an adorable wedding, photos of which I will be posting in a few weeks. Maybe it was late Friday 13th, but I even broke my camera and today I have to go to Vienna to get it fixed...
Here are some more pictures of my friend Katka - the lovely young bride an her hubby Danko. For the photos, we went to the park (also with scary looking but very friendly pet Lila) and stopped by a huge tree. It was an amazing spot in a local park, so we didn´t have to go far. I haven´t noticed before how beautiful this tree is, only now it just popped up at me. Does this sometimes happens to you too, that only through the photo lense you notice the beauty of common things?
Katka and Danko got married in a local church and had a party in a restaurant next door. It was a small private wedding for just 25 people, but we all had a blast and danced and sang untill the morning!


And  here is one action photo bonus. It got many likes on my facebook page so I think I will share it with you too. It is me catching the wedding bouquet ... Obviously,  I had to be successful ;-) with that pose. Photo by my boyfriend. Click on all to enlarge.

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