streda 27. apríla 2011


This green beauty jumped right to my boy in our cottage (hope it´s not the princess). I spent the next our just watching the frog and trying to get some nice pictures. It jumped  though the lawn, climbed the tree and ended on a fence, staying there for good 3 hours without movement. 

(click on pictures to enlarge, they are much nicer that way)

And the next day this toad crossed our lawn. Yes, it is not that cute like the green one, but don´t let fool yourself  with the look. Maybe there is the real princess inside...

pondelok 25. apríla 2011

Easter weekend

 Hello dears, so how was your Easter? We spend a day on my cottage and then continued north to High Tatras. All  weekend we were trekking, relaxing in wellness, getting a massage, eating, drinking and sleeping. Perfect relaxation weekend. I also didn' t miss  the slovak Easter Monday traditions like boys chasing girls, pouring water on them and whipping them :-). Might sound weird for other nations, but I love it and if there is no water, that is no Easter for me. If you want to know more about this craziness, just let me know and I will explain.    Here are just some images from the Easter time on my cottage.


pondelok 18. apríla 2011

Flight tickets

Hello there, you probably have no idea how much trouble I had since New Year to come up with a perfect destination for our next holliday. Well, I planned to go somewhere exotic, warm, with palms and beautiful beaches. Since I have never been away from Europe or the States or Canada, I was thinking Cuba, Barma or something similar. My attempts to book a traveling holliday there ended up with no luck. Both trips had been canceled by our travel agency because the lack of interest (not enough people for a trip to be organized, and we wanted to go by a group with travel guide, not by ourselves). And this was after I booked it! The third idea was Vietnam, something which is on the top of my list. But then all this disasters started in Japan, following other all around Asia, and we have decided not to push the luck too much...what if canceling our two planned trips meant something...the time just wasn´t right for exotic Asia.
So, I had to say goodbye to my idea spending Easter on the beach sitting under the mango tree (you know that Jack Johnson song Better together...). And surprisingly, I turned my interest to another side - to the cold :-). And now I can happily announce, that the flight tickets have been booked and payed! And me and my boy are going in June here:

 Picture via here


streda 13. apríla 2011

The origin of fruit


So this is one of my beauties - blossom on a peach tree which I am trying to save and get some fruit of it. The tree is not exactly covered with flowers all over, but it has few beautiful pink treasures and I really hope they manage to turn into the peaches one day. I am glad I managed to take some pictures yesterday, because it was raing almost all day and untill next time I go home, they might be gone.

On the other hand, the sour cherry tree is covered with thousands of blossoms. It is one white, beautiful smelling tree. If all of the flowers turn to cherries, I think I should start looking for a jam recipes. It is so perfect, I wish it stays like this for couple of more weeks so I can enjoy it more. Click on pictures to enlarge and see the whole beauty, looks much better that way.

utorok 5. apríla 2011

More spring

Well, I know, you might be tired of seeing all the posts of blooming trees, fresh flowers, small new leaves, bugs and all the nature waking up. But honestly ...I have not been taking pictures of anything else lately. This year I am somehow amazed of all the nature beauty around. Every day I check out a peach tree in our garden, which I try to save from dying, and I am exited to see small pink blossom buds growing on it (see the last photo). I might be posting more of them soon.
But in the spring time, love is in the air and so are weddings and the babies ... so get ready for some cute bellies and happy couples in a short time. My calendar is filling up so planning a vacation will be tricky soon. 
Enjoy the spring while it lasts and the weather is not too hot. Tonight I am starting to work at this festival, so i will be not posting anything for a week for sure. By then, have fun!