streda 13. apríla 2011

The origin of fruit


So this is one of my beauties - blossom on a peach tree which I am trying to save and get some fruit of it. The tree is not exactly covered with flowers all over, but it has few beautiful pink treasures and I really hope they manage to turn into the peaches one day. I am glad I managed to take some pictures yesterday, because it was raing almost all day and untill next time I go home, they might be gone.

On the other hand, the sour cherry tree is covered with thousands of blossoms. It is one white, beautiful smelling tree. If all of the flowers turn to cherries, I think I should start looking for a jam recipes. It is so perfect, I wish it stays like this for couple of more weeks so I can enjoy it more. Click on pictures to enlarge and see the whole beauty, looks much better that way.

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