utorok 5. apríla 2011

More spring

Well, I know, you might be tired of seeing all the posts of blooming trees, fresh flowers, small new leaves, bugs and all the nature waking up. But honestly ...I have not been taking pictures of anything else lately. This year I am somehow amazed of all the nature beauty around. Every day I check out a peach tree in our garden, which I try to save from dying, and I am exited to see small pink blossom buds growing on it (see the last photo). I might be posting more of them soon.
But in the spring time, love is in the air and so are weddings and the babies ... so get ready for some cute bellies and happy couples in a short time. My calendar is filling up so planning a vacation will be tricky soon. 
Enjoy the spring while it lasts and the weather is not too hot. Tonight I am starting to work at this festival, so i will be not posting anything for a week for sure. By then, have fun!


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