utorok 25. októbra 2011

Nora: By the pool

Here are few more picures from Nora´s big day. We have decided to head ouside at least for some pictures, even if it was really ridiculously hot. Nora and Gabor are both trainers for synchronized swimming, so the pool (any kind of pool) is actually a large part of their life. My favourite is the first picture, looks like an impression from a nostalgic movie to me.

utorok 18. októbra 2011


This is going to be hard. Nora is one of the most beautiful women I know and I am having hard time to decide which photos to show. She looks stunning at all of them, so I will probably do more than one post to show you images from her wedding day.
It was crazy hot that day so we decided to stay in the friend´s house for most of the shooting time. Our friend  has a beautiful fireplace with a huge piece of stone around it, so I did several photos in front of that stone. I think the background of the stone worked pretty well. Nora is glowing in her wedding dress, I think she is a natural born model. Her husband is a lucky guy :-).
Enjoy and there will be more to come...