streda 30. júna 2010

Garden graduation party

Last Saturday, I attended one of the most amazing parties in my entire life. My friend just graduated from law school, and he organized a celebration in his parents´ garden.

We were brought there by a private bus right after the ceremony.

He and his dad built a tent, tables and benches. They worked on it for a month in their free time.

They cooked goulasch, made potato pancakes and bought a huge roasted pig.

For dessert, we had a chocolate fountain, where we dipped fresh cherries, strawberries, bananas and grapes.

We played darts, danced and laughed.

His vital grandmother made me cry right at the beginning, when she had a speech about her grandson. You could feel the love in this family in the air, and that is what made this party so special.

All the invited friends were such a nice people, that I was overhelmed with joy for the next two days. The party lasted the whole day and night. And it felt so nice, I could go on next day :-) !

Thank you Matej for such an amazing, great event!

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2 komentáre:

tonbo povedal(a)...

beautiful pictures! i wish i was there too :-)

Mandy povedal(a)...

What a wonderful looking party, and such joyful gorgeous people, looks like so much fun !!!