piatok 2. júla 2010

Big bellies and baloons

My last long weekend was full of social activities and photography..

First, I traveled to my beloved cottage and finally got the windshields mounted to my windows. I ordered those like an year ago, but the craftsmen were always busy to finish them.
My boyfiend and his friends came twice to visit from a summer music festival nearby. With a little help from my great friend, I even managed to prepare a yummy sunday lunch in the garden for them.

Sunday night we were invited to a birthday party in a beautiful apartment wih a huge terrace. Hosts prepared great food and great fun too (with magic relightning birthday candles and Thai baloons).

Monday was a shooting day for me. I had a photosession with two pregnant friends. Third was my helper and she also offered her gorgeous house to be part of the set. So I couldn´t resist to have a third session with her amazing kids. I ended up with 1017 pictures to go through...I wonder when...

I finished the day in a pool full of synchronized swimmers (2 of those 3 are getting ready for a world masters championship, so I went along for a training lesson).

Did you have fun too?

2 komentáre:

Anonymný povedal(a)...

I love that pregnancy shot! I wish I had some pictures like that of my pregnancy. Maybe my second one? :)

Pipi povedal(a)...

Who knows Jess! Let me know and I might fly over. Australia is on my wishlist :-)