streda 28. júla 2010

Last minute wedding

Hey there! Here are some pictures from the last wedding I attended. My friend Katka, once a great synchronized swimmer (and now in the role of a trainer for World Masters) and eager runner was getting married to Rob, an American runner, who decided to stay here, in Europe.
The wedding was very laid back, guests were asked to come in summer dresses and casual trousers and shirts, and flip -flops. Even the bride wore flats and she really needed to be comfortable, because she was 8 months pregnant.

At this moment, her baby boy is already born (few weeks earlier then he was expected, but they are both in a good health). And today, the synchro girls had a public performance for friends before they leave for the World championship, so she ran away from the hospital just to see them and to wish them good luck :-). She really is a crazy girl :-) !

The ceremony was held outside, ans so was the party. It was a very hot day and by the time we started shooting, we were all completely sweaty. Few minutes before the start of our planned photosession, Rob realized that he forgot his trousers at home! Thank God he made it to the ceremony on time. This is him running to get dressed :-).

Anyway, we moved the shooting to after the ceremony. But because of Katka´s condition and extremely hot weather, we decided not to push it and did only a few pictures and went back to the party. Plus, ants were all over the garden - this is actually the bride trying to get rid of them :-).

Bride and groom are both teachers, so they had their students playing a violin and piano at the ceremony, and it really was beautiful and touching.

Party was a barbecue -style and help - your - self, so you could pick really what you liked. Lots of fruits and refreshing drinks were a must on this crazy hot day.
The live band made us all dance at the end of the day!

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uuzasne fotky!
wonderful pictures!

reuell povedal(a)...

Radana, to je super, fakt. Diky moc. :) Rob