piatok 25. júna 2010

Balcony renovation

My dad has recently decided to renovate our balconies a little. He is planning to replace the old tiles with (most probably) grey (sunburned) wood.

We have two balconies. the large one has grey tiles:

I had to remove my collection of shells and driftwood, which I carried all the way from Canada:

I love driftwood!

This is our smaller balcony. It might get new flooring as well:

Only when I was documenting it, I realized how much I like these old tiles!

They are pretty (and old and dirty), aren´t they?

So the renovation started and this is how it looked the next morning:

And today...

The smaller balcony remained untouched so far. I am curious how long will it take untill another stage of renovation. I am afraid this is how it´s going to be for the rest of the summer!

Have a nice weekend!

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