pondelok 14. júna 2010

Hello cyberspace!

Every time I am ready to start my own blog, I got stuck with one thing - what should be my first post about. I have been going through so many beautiful blogs lately, that I feel insecure whether I really have anything to say... Anyway, since sitting in front of the computer is much more often then taking a pen a a diary, I have decided this blog should be a small connection with my friends far far away, and also a space for me to share the beauty in life I come across, my everyday adventures, things that strike me and pictures I take to capture some slices of life.

and since I named this blog after Pipi Longstocking, who was my childhood hero and I still have a part of her in me and try to keep it that way, I start with a photo of a place which I (Pipi) love and also is a huge part of my childhood.

here it is:

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tonbo povedal(a)...

I loooove Pipi! :-)