piatok 22. októbra 2010

1010 Project

Picture from 1010 Project website by kris atomic (here is her blog)

My dears, I am crazy busy again next few days so I already know I will not be able to post anything for another week probably. I have a wedding to shoot tomorrow, and still have to finish some more projects AND finally clean the house (I am ashamed what a mess my place is).
Sunday morning my boy and I were supposed to go to High Tatras, but he just called me his boss canceled his hollidays. Oh well, maybe next time...
Anyway, I just came across a link to a very nice project, so at least I am going to share that with you.
It is called 1010 project and I found it via one of my fauvorite blogs , Cup of Jo. 10 photographers from 10 countries took 10 photographs on 10/10/10. Here is the link.
Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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