utorok 9. novembra 2010

Wedding - black & white edition

Let´s break these colourful fall posts with some B & W pictures from the last wedding I shot in late October.
To be honest, this couple was a hard work :-). They didn´t like to pose at all, but somehow I happened to make the most pictures of the year on them.
I think this was because the most happiest and most exited bride I have ever work with. She was jumping and sreaming from joy how she couldn´t wait for the ceremony! She was all smiles and jiggles. I know, you may think every bride is a happy bride. But I am telling you, you didn´t meet Vlada when you think this.
These are just a few snapshots from that day.

(click on pictures to enlarge)

The ceremony was held outside in the reading garden and the tourists were looking at us from the bridge above. To keep the guests warm they served tea, muffins and cookies. Vlada couldn´t help herself but to show the victory sign after saying I do :-).

And afterwards, everybody was invited to one great dinner & dance party. As the first dance they performed a choreography from Pulp fiction. When all the people got on the dance floor after that, it actually brought me to tears. It was so much joy and happiness there... It was definitely one of the best wedding parties I have been to, with a great DJ and dancing all night long - exactly as the newlyweds planned it!

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