piatok 26. novembra 2010

DIY ribbon bow

It´s my dad´s 60th birthday, and I got him a big surprise. To make it look even better, I needed a huge ribbon bow. I couldn´t find any that met my expectations, so I decided to do one myself. I bought 10 meter long ribbon and started.

I turn to internet to find a way how to do it. And I found one I thought would be perfect for my purpose. Here is how I did it, and all I needed was scissors.
I took like 6 meters of ribbon, folded it in half and then I continued folding it from one side, ended up with this:

Then I needed to cut the edges....I was very unhappy to destroy such a nice ribbon, but was hoping it will bring me the desired final product.

Then I tied the folded ribbon with a small piece of ribbon I cut in half, and prepared it before.

The last think was to adjust the folded parts.

And, the final touch, I attached it to the rest of the ribbon simply by tying the knot.

And one of my first DIY projects is complete. Easy.
To see it attached on my surprice gift, please come back soon!
have a great weekend!

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