pondelok 22. novembra 2010


I know the season for these is over, but it is such a big part of my fall, that I have to make a post about them. We have a huge chestnut tree next to our house, actually is like a half tree, because it´s next to the wall so it is growing on one side only. Every single year it produces a pretty big ammount of chestnuts, which we are not able to consume ourselves. So we distribute them to our friends and family, but still eat baked chestnuts almost every night. I cut them and put in the cold water for some time. them I preheat oven for 180 ° C and let it bake for 40 minutes. Then we just peel them and eat them :-). My mom used to make a chestnut purée, but it it so much work I gave up for now. Maybe when I become more skillful cook...

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