utorok 31. augusta 2010

Mushroom picking

Thanks to the rainy August and my dear boyfriend I went mushroom picking probably the first time in my life. I was feeling like Alice in Wonderland when we entered the forest and I saw soooo many different mushrooms, all the colors and sizes you can imagine. I couldn´t believe I never noticed woods are full of these beauties (and probably they were not when I was there). It is amazing! Really felt like in fairytale!

It was dark and little foggy, still drizzling a bit. I had to concentrate as the ground was covered with old leaves and lot of these small babies were hidden under them. I took like 100 pictures and found like 10 mushrooms of those I was supposed to look for.

We spent the evening cutting them and trying to let dry, but because of all the rain my old mill was very humid, so after few days, we threw out almost half of them, as they were rotten.
But since then, I am always ready to go mushroom picking anytime. I loved every minute of it.
If you know the names of any of these in english, please let me know!

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this is all marvelous :-)
great, Pipi :-)