nedeľa 30. januára 2011

Making of ... meat products

Ok, I know the slaughter part was brutal, but I had to post it in order you know the whole story...
This part is much nicer. It is about preparing all that yummy meat products. Basically, you need the meat, lot of garlic, paprika and different seasonings. Plus you need cleaned intestines to make sausages and headcheese.

And you need some machines like a meat grinder and a sausage machine of course...

I told you, lot of paprika...

You have to make a knot at one side of the intestine so the filling stays in.

You can wrap the meat with some fat parts to give it better taste while roasting.

This is how you fill the intestine with the mixture.

You put the sausages in hot water (not a boiling one) for like 7 minutes and they are ready for a future preparation.

It begins with cooking not so atractive parts of pig´s meat, and ends with a headcheese.

And here are the happy boys cheering to a good work:

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