nedeľa 30. januára 2011

The Slaughter

So here is that bloody process. As I mentioned last time, this post is about pig slaughter in order to prepare the meat for you to eat.
The process starts with one fast shot. You wait till the animal is bled out.
Next thing to do is to crozzle (burn) the whole body of the pig, to get rid of its bristles. The pis is all black after the process. (click on pictures to enlarge)

After that comes cleaning. You take brush and water and clean the skin very carefuly, so all the burn is removed. Our boys did the cleaning, the butcher prepared his knives meanwhile.

Then you put the animal on some kind of lattice-work or something that the pig is not on the ground. And here comes the main part for the butcher - cutting the animal into meat parts. It is a presise knife -work and if the meat is not hanging down as in a regular abatoir, the help of more people is required. Soon there is two exact parts of a huge piece of meat, the pig intestines are removed. With the help of a hose and water, you get rid of the remaining blood.

In a few minutes, the butcher lays down on the table all the meat parts. Some are put aside to become smoked ham or cutlets or ribs later, and some are going to be processed right away.

To see some of the next process, please come back for the next post.

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