utorok 7. júna 2011

Swan wedding

When I first met the Swans to talk about their wedding, I immediately felt like we are friends and know each other for a long time. We sat 2 hours over the coffee and I couln´t stop listening to their love story, the proposal story ... Martin met Siska in the holliday camp for kids (he was a camp instructor there) when she was 9 (!!!) and he actually raised her to be his wife :-D. He put up a surprising proposal on the site of the camp where they first met and Siska had to find the way to the ring (and Martin on his knee) following several clues as in the game of searching the treasure! Her engagement ring is two swans together creating a heart shape, custom made! They got married one year after the proposal and they incorporated swans everywhere in the wedding. And you can just look in their eyes and see how they love each other. When I sent Martin the first picture of his new wife, he replied simply : "She is soooo beautiful." And when I asked him how it feels to live together he said: "I have the best wife in the whole world! I am enjoying it so much!" Oh well, I am already melting with joy...
Enjoy the photos from their big day!



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