streda 8. februára 2012

Pre-x-mas wedding

One week before Christmas, when everyone around was chasing after presents, I was invited to shoot a small family wedding. It was an honor to sit down for a dinner  with just the close members of two lovely families, creating now one new.
I have known the bride since my childhood, and our moms were very good friends since their school years. We even lived close to each other until they moved out of the country for several years. But, somehow we kept in touch, and, here I am, shooting Janka as a bride. I spent the whole afternoon in her house, while she was getting ready, having a chat with her mom and sister. We did some pictures on the balcony of their beautiful apartment with the best view in town. It was freezing cold but they were bravely smiling in the camera. The official ceremony was followed by a family dinner. And let me tell you, it was one of the best evening I had lately. First of all I have to mention the company. I had such a great time with bride's sister and the others there, that I understand completely the advantages of such a small family wedding. It was so private, you could talk to everyone face to face and keep the conversation going, not to worry about other guests not getting enough attention.... Just lovely! Second, the pre - christmas atmosphere there made it a very special moment. And last but not least, great food and wine.
I would surely love to have such a great night every Saturday!

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